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Course Catalog

The following Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered at FGHS contingent upon adequate enrollment. By taking and passing the College Board exam in the spring, students may earn advanced placement or college credit. This can be a great way to get a head start on college. Please note that each college has different requirements for acceptance of AP credit.
AP Biology AP Environmental Science AP Spanish Language
AP Calculus AB AP European History AP Spanish Literature
AP Calculus BC AP Human Geography AP Statistics
AP Chemistry AP Economics AP Studio Art
AP Computer Science A AP Music Theory AP US History
AP Computer Science Principles AP Physics 1 AP US Government & Politics
AP English Lang &
AP Physics 2 AP World History
AP English Literature AP Psychology AP Seminar
AP Research
Willamette Promise gives high school students the opportunity to:
● Earn college credits—up to a year of college before graduation.
● Complete Career and Technical courses and achieve certification before graduation.
● Prepare for next steps by tapping into information about careers and colleges.
Why the Willamette Promise benefits students
● Students get to try college-level coursework without fear of failure.
● Students imagine themselves as college students and understand what further education entails.
● Students save money. Willamette Promise costs only $30 per student per year—no matter how many
credits they earn.
● High school and college staff share teaching materials and strategies.
● School districts build a culture of students pursuing college- and career-readiness.
● More high school graduates pursue advanced degrees and certificates.
● Students receive up-to-date information on colleges and universities, scholarships and various programs.
Willamette Promise Offerings at FGHS
FGHS Course College Course Credits Available
Honors English 4 WR 121 or WR 1222 4
Honors Chemistry Chem 104/150 4/3
Spanish 2 Spanish 101 4
Spanish 3 Spanish 102 4
Spanish 4/5 Spanish 103 4
Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1 Spanish 102/202 4/4
Spanish for Spanish Speakers 2 Spanish 102/202 4/4
AP Spanish Language Spanish 203 4
AP Spanish Literature Spanish 203 4
AP Psychology Psychology 201, 202 8
FGHS Course College Course Credits Available
Advanced Building Construction Hand/Power Tool Safety 3
Advanced Building Construction Floor Framing 3
Advanced Building Construction Wall Framing 3
Advanced Building Construction Exterior Finish 6
Advanced Building Construction Finish Carpentry 2
Basic Construction Hand/Power Tool Safety 3
Woods 2 Hand/Power Tool Safety 3
Woodworking Projects Woodworking Projects 2
Woods 3: Cabinetry Cabinetry 6
Metals 2 & 4 Mild Steel & Oxy-acetylene Cutting 4
Intro to Horticulture A LAT 106: Plant Anatomy & Physiology 4
Intro to Horticulture B LAT 109: Plant Propagation 3
Intro to Business BA 101 4
Business Communication BA 205 4
Intro to Education ED 100 3
Mechatronics 3 MT 121 3
Mechatronics 4 MT 101 1
Mechatronic Design CADD 175 3
Advanced Mechatronic Design CADD 175 3
Mechatronic Processes MT 102 1
Adv Mechatronic Processes MT 103 1
Pre-Calculus Semester 1 MTH 111: College Algebra 5
Pre-Calculus Semester 2 MTH 112 Elementary Functions 5
AP Calculus AB Semester 1 MTH 251 Calculus I 4
AP Calculus AB Semester 2 MTH 252 Calculus II 4
AP Calculus BC Semester 1 MTH 253 Calculus III 5
Honors Biology Biology 101, 102 (4 credits each) 8
Medical Terminology Medical Terminology, MP111 4
Anatomy & Physiology Structure & Function Human Body, FT 131 4
AP Environmental Science Environmental Science: Biological Perspective 8
For the graduating classes of 2021 and beyond
To qualify for the Forest Grove High School Honors Diploma, students must meet the following requirements:
1. Meet all requirements for a FGHS diploma.
2. At the conclusion of 7 semesters of high school coursework, have earned a 3.5 or higher weighted
cumulative GPA.
3. Complete a minimum of 27 credits by graduation.
4. Complete 14 core subject credits with a “C” grade or better in the following areas: 4 in English, 3 in Math
(through at least Algebra 2), 3 in Science, 2 in the same World Language, 3 in Social Studies.
5. Successfully complete 4 Advanced Placement or university transfer courses with a “C” grade or better.
Eligible courses include:
a. All Advanced Placement courses (see page 7)
b. All Willamette Promise courses (see page9)
c. Dual Credit through PCC for Pre-Calculus and Honors Biology
6. Complete community service hours requirement:
a. Class of 2023 (45 hours) and 60 hours hours for every other class
FGHS Course College Course Credits Available
Mapping My World Introduction to GIS 2 (semester)
Spanish: Mexican-American Studies Spanish: Mexican-American Studies 8 (semester)
FGHS Course College Course Credits Available
AP European History HST 199 8
AP United States History HST 250/251 8
FGHS Course College Course Credits Available
Intro to Animal Sci/Intro to Vet Sci ANS 121 4
Woods 1
Credit: 0.5 credit Credit Type: Applied Art
Length: Semester Pathway: Construction Technology
Grade: 9-12 Course #: 170061
Prerequisite: None College Credit: N/A
This course is an introduction to woodworking and construction in the FGHS program. The emphasis is on safety, basic
woodworking procedures, measurement, and professional work habits. Students will build the now famous “Viking Box”
project as the culmination of their newly acquired skills