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Spring Conference Sign-ups - - Inscripciones a la conferencia de primavera

Virtual Spring Family Conferences are scheduled for March 16th and 17th from 4-8pm. Now is a great opportunity to log into your ParentVue account and review your students progress this semester. This will help you determine if you would like to schedule a time to meet with your student’s teachers during conferences. If you would like to schedule a conference click on the link below to locate the teacher or teachers for the class your student is not performing their best.

Las conferencias familiares virtuales de primavera están programadas para el 16 y 17 de marzo de 4 a 8 p.m. Ahora es una gran oportunidad para iniciar sesión en su cuenta de ParentVue y revisar el progreso de sus estudiantes este semestre. Esto lo ayudará a determinar si le gustaría programar un horario para reunirse con los maestros de su estudiante durante las conferencias. Si desea programar una conferencia, haga clic en el enlace a continuación para ubicar al maestro o maestros de la clase en la que su estudiante no se está desempeñando lo mejor posible.

Baylee Wynant [email protected]
Jonathan Lovenguth [email protected]
Michelle Coleman [email protected]
Steven Barnard [email protected]
Student Services/
Servicios Estudiantiles :
Abigail Coleman [email protected]
Adrian Shipley [email protected]
Jenny Marietta [email protected]
Jill Carey [email protected]
John Libby [email protected]
Judith Bartoo [email protected]
Kathryn Taplin [email protected]
Mark Tasker [email protected]
Sandra Maines [email protected]
Tess Bair [email protected]
Adam Karp [email protected]
Annette Faris [email protected]
Christina Lumpkin [email protected]
Craig Russell [email protected]
Danielle Flores Hayden [email protected]
Dawn Hofsted [email protected]
Jace McNeil [email protected]
Katherine Talbott [email protected]
Katy Carrillo [email protected]
Libby Graff [email protected]
Michael Wanner [email protected]
Nicholas Montan [email protected]
Rita Wanner Luetkenhaus rwannerl[email protected]
Russell Lambach [email protected]
Vanita Kurse [email protected]
CTE - Career & Technical Educatioin/Educación técnica y profesional :
Adam Kriz [email protected]
Andrea Loeffler [email protected]
Arnulfo Martinez [email protected]
Christopher Higginbotham [email protected]
Clinton Cogswell [email protected]
Gregory Scott [email protected]
Gwendolyn Hullinger [email protected]
Jami Duyck [email protected]
Jillian Miller [email protected]
Kori Shackelford [email protected]
Rebecca Swoboda [email protected]
Shannon Kirkman [email protected]
Social Studies/Ciencias Sociales:
Andrew Garrett [email protected]
Email Teacher directly for scheduling
Beth Hartford [email protected]
Daniel Lumpkin [email protected]
Dominic Giansante [email protected]
Eric Weinbender [email protected]
Heather Zehr [email protected]
Laura Lewis [email protected]
Mikaela Van Slyke [email protected]
Perry Herbst [email protected]
Robert Kirkman [email protected]
Travis Tocher [email protected]
Fine Arts/Bellas Artes:    
Barry Berdahl [email protected]
Lesslie Nunez [email protected]
Stewart Schlazer [email protected]
H.S Success/ Éxito en la Escuela Secundaria
Annie Palumbo [email protected]
Camden McFarland [email protected]
Ben Crabtree [email protected]
Calvin Stark [email protected]
David Jaquez [email protected]
Jennie Armstrong [email protected]
John Worst [email protected]
Morey Miller [email protected]
Neil Borzcik [email protected]
Robert Vickers [email protected]
Tammy Johnson [email protected]
Tonya Jones [email protected]
Language Arts/Artes del lenguaje:
Blaine Vandehey [email protected]
Daniel Stapp [email protected]
Danielle Thompson [email protected]
Dawn Nelson [email protected]
Eryn Van Horn [email protected]
Jennifer Cooper Munoz [email protected]
Jennifer Neitling [email protected]
Kari Bloomquist [email protected]
Lisa Allen [email protected]
Lynn Mccune [email protected]
Megan Murtaugh [email protected]
Mr. Sun [email protected]
Rachel Miller [email protected]
Sabrina Witt [email protected]
Terri Jones [email protected]
World Language/
Lenguaje mundial:
David Burke [email protected]
Destinee Dixon [email protected]
Katherine Galván Ríos [email protected]
Kendra McNair [email protected]
Lucinda Aguilar-Garcia [email protected]
Pilar Cintron [email protected]
Rosa Sangiovanni Rodriguez [email protected]
Sally Soper [email protected]
Health/PE - Salud/Educación física:
Cori Goff [email protected]
Greg Evers [email protected]
Guy Takahashi [email protected]
Kevin Tucker [email protected]
Luke Holscher [email protected]
Marc Roche [email protected]
Matthew Nichols [email protected]
Vallie Takahashi [email protected]
Brooke Gale [email protected]
Catherine Davis [email protected]
Hanna Thompson [email protected]
Megan Van Zanten [email protected]
Sarah Cox [email protected]
Tommy Cox - School Counselor [email protected]
Credit Online Recovery/
Recuperación de crédito en línea
Kimberly Jensen [email protected]
Sara Ogle [email protected]