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2016-17 Oregon school Report Card

Overall State Rating: Level 4

(Rating of Level 4 means we are at the state average when compared to all schools statewide. When compared to schools with similar demographics, we are above average.)



2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 

Continuing Student Success Award 

State Superintendent Susan Castillo 

2008, 2013 Breakthrough School Award MetLife/NASSP 

2008 Model School Award 

International Center for Educational Leadership 2011 Model School Award 

International Center for Educational Leadership 2011 Breaking Ranks Model School  Award 

International Center for Educational Leadership 



Karen O’Neill, Principal 

Brian Burke, Assistant Principal 

Colene Lord, Assistant Principal 

Chelsea Aillon, Assistant Principal 

Doug Thompson,  

 Assistant Principal/Athletic Director 

Dwight Jensen, Dean of Students 



 Forest Grove School District Quick Facts: Communities in Western Washington County that  make up the district: Cornelius, Dilley, Forest  Grove and Gales Creek, encompassing over 225  square miles. 

Largest employers: Merix, FGSD, and Pacific  University 

Schools: One high school (9-12), one middle school  (7-8), one upper elementary (5-6), and five  

elementary schools (K-4) 

Students in district: 6124 of which 1960 students are  at the high school. Approximately 53% qualify for  free and reduced lunch, 56% are Latino, 9% of the  high school students are English Language Learners,  and 14% are special needs students. 

Extracurricular activities: 65% of high school students are involved in music, drama, clubs, and athletics (2019).

College attendance: approximately 75% of the  Class of 2020 attended a 2- or 4-year college, 28%  of our students attend a four-year college and 45%  attend a two-year college. 2% attended a vocational/career college.  The Class of 2019 

received over $3.1 million dollars in scholarships  and awards. 

The school is a member of The Pacific Northwest Association of College Admission Counselors. 



Forest Grove High School academic curriculum  includes the following features: 

*ADVANCED PROGRAMS: The following  Advanced Placement courses are offered: 

*Offered every other year 


Biology Micro-Economics* Calculus AB Music Theory Calculus BC Physics 1* 

Chemistry Physics 2* 

Comp. Science AB Psychology Comp. Science Principles AB Spanish Language English Lang & Composition Spanish Literature Environmental Science Statistics 

European History Studio Art 

Human Geography US History Macro-Economics* US Government & Politics  World History   


*VOCATIONAL/TECHNICAL PROGRAMS:  Vocational programs are available to students in the area of  business, childcare, culinary, agriculture, drafting,  mechatronics, graphics and construction. For thirty years,  FGHS students have designed, constructed and decorated a  Viking House and sold it to the public. Our school is aligned  with two regional programs: the Portland Area Vocational  Technical Educational Consortium (PAVTEC) and the  Business Education Compact (BEC). Forest Grove High  School’s 2016 Viking House won People’s Choice Award for  Best in Show, Best Kitchen, Best Value, Best Master Bath,  Best Decorations and Realtor’s Choice for Best Value. *ARTICULATED PROGRAMS: 

Dual credit programs are established with Portland Community College  and Western Oregon University through Western Promise.  Students can earn college credit in the areas of science, math,  occupations, chemistry and biology. For the 2019-2020 school year 2,332 PCC credits were earned by 345 unduplicated students for a savings of $270,512.00 to our students, and 372 university credits were earned through Willamette Promise for a savings of $76,260.

*COMPUTER FACILITIES: Students and staff have access to Chromebook carts. Students and parents use  CIS, a college and career resource to assist in their post secondary planning. 

*VIKING SENIOR PROJECT: Since 1992, each  senior produces a project as a culminating activity of his or  her high school career. The project is researched, a report  written, and then presented orally to a panel of judges.  Viking Senior Project will serve as an extended application  and capstone project. 



One unit of credit shall be awarded for the successful  completion of a planned course based upon credit awarded on  a proficiency basis. A semester course is worth one-half unit,  and a full year course if worth one unit of credit. 


Language Arts 4 

Mathematics 3* Science 3 

Health Education 1 

Physical Education 1 

Career Education .5 World Studies 1 

American Studies 1 

Governments .5 Economics .5 Second Language, Arts, Prof. Tech 3 

Electives 5.5 Total 24 

Additional requirements: 

Develop an education plan and build an education  profile 

Meet the performance standard for extended  application through a collection of evidence 

Demonstrate career-related learning standards Required areas of study and units of credit for  grades 9-12 as noted above 

Demonstrate essential skills  


The GPA and the class ranks are calculated for all grades  from A-F by semester. Most classes are graded on a 4.0  scale. Advanced Placement classes, signified by the prefix  AP, are weighted on a 5.0 scale. All letter grade courses and  all 4 years are included in the cumulative GPA. FGHS does  provide a class ranking which includes weighted grades. We  do have shared ranking. In addition, FGHS assesses students  on a Standards Based Grading system. Students must be  proficient in all identified standards to pass a course. 


Students qualify for an Honors Diploma by having a 3.5 or  higher GPA, 15 hours of community service, completing two  years of a World Language, one year of Science beyond  Biology, and three years of Math through Algebra 2. They  must also complete four AP or college level courses with a  ‘C’ grade or higher. 




All classes are on a modified A/B block schedule, scheduled  over a two-day period. Eight class periods are 91 minutes in  length. All course credit is awarded on a Credit By  Proficiency basis. 



2019 ACT SCORES FGHS State National Composite 18.1 21.3 20.8 Number Tested 360 



The certified staff consists of 116 certified staff including one  Principal, three Assistant Principals, an Athletic Director, a  Dean of Students, an Activity Coordinator, and 55 classified  staff. Of our faculty, 81% of the certified staff holds a  Master's degree. Last year, 100% of our classes were taught  by teachers who meet the federal definition of Highly  Qualified Teacher. 



 (503) 359-2435 Phone (503) 359-2401 Fax 

Five Master's level certificated full-time academic counselors, one  drug and alcohol counselor, two half time mental health counselors,  two outreach liaison to the Hispanic community, one school-to-work  staff, one psychologist and department staff are available to help  students with academic, career and personal concerns. 

The counseling department staff is: 

Kacie Salamanca, Counselor – A-C 

Christina Ruvalcaba, Counselor – D-H & AVID ‘22      

Brooke Gale, Counselor – I-M & AVID ‘20 

Megan Van Zanten, Counselor – N-R & ELD 

Catherine Davis, Counselor –S-Z & AVID ‘21 

Amanda Morris, School Psychologist 

Heather Thompson – Counselor – Mental Health 

Hanna Thompson – Mental Health Care Coordinator

Celeste Prose, Counselor - Youth Contact  

Dia Murillo, Counselor – Youth Contact 

Jose Luis Sanchez Rodriguez, Bilingual Liaison 

Juan Lopez, Family Outreach Attendance Liaison

Oralia Najera, Migrant Grad Specialist 

 ∙ Margarita Solis Ruiz, Migrant Student/Parent Liaison

Amaralis Perez, Secretary 

Kris Elich, Registrar 

Vicki Van Loo, College & Career Specialist/ASPIRE Coordinator 

Dave Pero, Liaison for the Homeless 



Oregon Department Of Education - At - A - Glance Profiles and Accountability Details