three female students on graduation day

Staff Directory

Name Position Email Address Phone: 503-359-8137 + Ext. 
O'Neill, Karen Principal 3518
Burke, Brian Assistant Principal 3519
Lord, Colene Assistant Principal (10th & 12th discipline) 3521
Coleman, Jennifer Assistant Principal (9th & 11th discipline) 3536
Thompson, Doug Athletic Director/Assistant Principal 
Jensen, Dwight Dean of Students
Office Support
Name Position Email Address  
Bazan, Eillyn Secretary/Registrar - CALC 8501
Christopherson, Monica Athletic Secretary 3522
Solis Ruiz, Margarita Counseling Secretary 3523
Cookman, Kim Special Education Secretary 3524
Crume, Jessica Bookkeeper 3505
Elich, Kris Registrar/Student Records 3526
Jongejan, Christine Attendance Secretary
Mendoza-Guerra, Mary Ann Testing Coordinator
Mora, Christina Receptionist 3511
Velasco, Jessica Principal's/Lead Secretary 3501
Name Position Email Address  
Aguilar, Lucinda  ELD Teacher  3629
Aguirre, Sophia Language Arts Teacher 3649
Althoff, Erin ELD & ELA Teacher 3644
Barajas-Rosas, Maria Bilingual Liaison 3508
Bartoo, Judith Special Education Teacher 3651
Buck, Julie Counselor - Last Names A-C & CALC 3507
Coleman, Abby Special Education Teacher 3621
Davis, Catherine Counselor - Last Names S-Z & AVID '21 3512
Dull, John Transition Program Teacher 3728
Gale, Brooke Counselor - Last Names I-M & AVID '20 3517
Goff, Lyman Speech/Language Pathologist 3516
Gordon, Clarice School Resource Officer 3513
Lopez, Juan Attendance Family Outreach Liaison 3510
Luna, Diana Health Room Aide 3534
Maderos, Delores Library Media Technician 3724
Markowski, Tina ELD Teacher 7722
Morris, Amanda  School Psychologist  3752
Najera, Oralia Migrant Graduation Specialist 3625
Pero, Dave Homeless Liaison 3531
Prose, Celeste Youth Contact 3767
Ruvalcaba, Christina Counselor - Last Names D-H & AVID '22 3611
Taplin, Kathryn  Special Education Teacher-Dept. Chair  3660
Tasker, Mark  Special Education Teacher  3690
Vanloo, Vicki Career and College Specialist 3607
VanZanten, Megan Counselor - Last Names N-R & ELD/Dept. Chair 3525
Worst, Karissa ASPIRE Coordinator 3528
Name Position Email Address  
Armstrong, Jennie Science Teacher 3657
Bair, Tess Adaptive PE 6251
Barnard, Steven Social Studies Teacher - CALC 8503
Batt, Jenifer American Sign Language Teacher 3618
Berdahl, Barry  Fine Arts, Choir, Drama Teacher  3638
Bloomquist, Kari  Language Arts Teacher  3602
Borzcik, Neil Science Teacher  3694
Burke, David  Spanish/French Teacher  3615
Carrillo, Katy Math Teacher 3616
Cluff, Joan  Language Arts Teacher  3609
Cogswell, Clinton Drafting Teacher 3628
Coleman, Michelle Language Arts Teacher - CALC 8502
Crabtree, Ben Science Teacher 3655
Dixon, Destinee Spanish Teacher 3653
Duyck, Jami  Metals Manufacturing and Ag- Dept. Chair  3620
Evers, Greg PE Teacher 3729
Faris, Annette  Math Teacher  3686
Galvan, Katherine Spanish Teacher 3650
Garrett, Andrew Language Arts Teacher - ASB Advisor 3617
Goff, Cori  PE/Health Teacher  3668
Graff, Libby Math Teacher 3612
Gray, Dan  Science Teacher  3637
Hartford, Elizabeth Social Studies Teacher 3662
Hartman, Nikole Language Arts Teacher 3601
Hayden, Danielle Math Teacher 3633
Herbst, Perry Social Studies Teacher 3501
Hertel, Jill Special Education Teacher 3726
Higginbotham, Chris Woods /Viking House Teacher 3610
Hofsted, Dawn Math Teacher 3685
Holscher, Luke Physical Education/Health 3676
Hullinger, Gwendolyn Fine Arts Teacher 3661
Jensen, Kim Online Instruction Teacher 3514
Jensen, Paige Language Arts Teacher 3604
Johnson, Tammy Science Teacher 3635
Jones, Tonya Science Teacher 3636
Karp, Adam Math Teacher 3619
Kirkman, Robert (Bobby) Social Studies Teacher/Vik Crew/Yearbook/ASB Leadership 3652
Kirkman, Shannon Professional Technical Teacher 3683
Kohlmeier, Marilyn Math Teacher 3606
Kriz, Adam Science Teacher 3630
Kurse, Vanita Math Teacher 3687
Lambach, Russell Math Teacher 3646
Lewis, Laura Social Studies Teacher 3632
Libby, John Special Education Teacher 3641
Lloyd, Lindsey Language Arts 3623
Loeffler, Andrea Culinary Arts/Family & Consumer Science 3613/3705
Lovenguth, Jonathan Math/Science Teacher/Lead Teacher - CALC 8504
Lumpkin, Dan Social Studies Teacher 3639
Maines, Sandra Special Education Specialist 3684
Marietta, Jenny Special Education Teacher 3658
Martinez, Arnulfo Professional Technical Teacher 3666
McCune, Lynn  Language Arts Teacher 3626
McNair, Kendra Language Arts Teacher 3608
Miller, Jillian Culinary/Business Teacher 3763
Miller, Morey Science Teacher 3682
Montan, Nicholas Math Teacher 3696
Murtaugh, Megan Language Arts Teacher 3679
Nelson, Dawn Language Arts Teacher 3656
Nunez, Lesslie Orchestra Teacher 3612
Ogle, Sara English Teacher 3692
Richardson, Matthew Science/Engineering Teacher 3533
Ross, Danielle Language Arts Teacher 3648
Roche, Mark Physical Education and Health Teacher 3754
Ross, Danielle Language Arts Teacher 3648
Russell, Craig Math Teacher 3654
Samuel, Allison Math Teacher 3614
Sangiovanni, Rosa Spanish Teacher 3624
Shackelford, Kori Agricultural Science and Technology Teacher 3538
Schlazer, Stewart Band Teacher 3688
Scott, Gregory Adv. Math/Computer Science Teacher 3605
Soper, Sally Spanish Teacher 3689
Stapp, Daniel Language Arts Teacher/Activities Director 3672
Stark, Calvin Science Teacher 3627
Swoboda, Rebecca Fine Arts-Art/Photography Teacher 3659
Takahashi, Guy PE/Health Teacher 3676
Takahashi,Vallie Physical Education & Health Teacher 3645
Talbott, Katherine Math Teacher 3673
Taplin, Kathryn SPED 3660
Thompson, Danielle Language Arts Teacher/Reading Workshop 3671
Tocher, Travis Social Studies 3509
Tucker, Kevin Health Teacher 3664
Van Horn, Eryn Language Arts Teacher 3622
Van Roekel, Briana Science Teacher 3691
Van Slyke, Mikaela Social Studies Teacher 3634
Wanner, Mike Math Teacher 3669
Weinbender, Eric Social Studies Teacher 3675
Wilberger, Bert Social Studies Teacher 3697
Worst, John Science Teacher 3642
Zehr, Heather AVID Site Coordinator & Elective Teacher 3695
Instructional Support
Name Position Email Address  
Anderberg, John  Instructional Assistant  3828
Bannick, Lisa Instructional Assistant 3670
Bell, Rory  Instructional Assistant - CALC  8511
Daugherty, Kathleen  Instructional Assistant - Transitions  3802
Duyck, Michelle  Student Supervision  3764
Fabela, Francis Student Supervision 3764
Guerra, Jose  Student Supervision  3764
Haney, Megan Instructional Assistant  
Hoppenrath, Troy Instructional Assistant  
Horne, Melissa Instructional Assistant - CALC  
Knowlton, Jane Instructional Assistant 3814
Knutson, Todd Instructional Assistant  
Larkins, Kristin Instructional Assistant  
Larkins, Robert Instructional Assistant  
Lira, Hilda Instructional Assistant  
Maderos, Dee Library Media Technician 3724
Mann, Etelinda Instructional Assistant 3827
McRobert, Laurie Instructional Assistant - Transitions  
Royce, Susan Instructional Assistant  
Schmitt, Kim Instructional Assistant 3822
Scott, Teresa Instructional Assistant 3823
Shields, Bruce Instructional Assistant- CALC 8510
Silva, Rosie Instructional Assistant  
Stewart, Nancy Instructional Assistant - Transitions