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New School Year - 2021-2022

Welcome Vikings!


With the return to in-person teaching and learning Monday through Friday, we are extremely excited to be back to a "normal" school day - and school year - with our students coming into the building every day! I would like to say that students have been AMAZING, not only following the expectations of wearing a mask and maintaining social distance whenever possible - but also in attendance. Attendance is extremely important throughout this entire school year - and right now we have 90% of our students with 85% - 100% attendance! With that being said, if students are feeling sick, please make sure they stay home. 


Over the first few weeks of school, students and staff are adjusting really well to the additional energy and changes after 18 months of CDL. Everybody is a little exhausted - but really excited to be back! We would like to share some of the updates we have at FGHS to help with the transition back to in person teaching and learning. To help with additional distance at lunches, we have 3 lunches (instead of 2) and students are allowed to eat outdoors to keep distance requirements. We have two large tents coming to help protect the back patio area so students can continue to eat outside as we enter the rainy season. Just a reminder that all meals are free to all students, with breakfast available before school and at our scheduled break after the first block of the day (or Advisory). 


FGHS has prioritized a safe and welcoming school environment for many years, putting many safety measures in place that include; constant supervision of all exterior doors and common areas, increased supervision before, during and after school to ensure that there are staff present to help maintain the safety of our students, and all exterior doors locked throughout the day requiring guests to check into the main office via a video buzzer. Feeling safe, welcome and respected are a top priority for FGHS - for students, staff and families. 


Visitors are not allowed on campus during the school day during COVID. Our doors are locked once school starts at 8:15am. Drop offs are not allowed unless it is an emergency. If a student needs to be called out for an appointment or excused for the day, parents need to call 503-359-2439 to report the absence. Attendance is very important so we ask that whenever  possible any appointments be made before or after school. 


Everyone is adjusting to being at school full time again. We have additional counseling staff that will continue to support students' academic, social and emotional needs. Through our Advisory (meets every Thursday), we are working hard to support students with constant academic progress checks, relationship building activities and reminders about school procedures and supports. Although we've had a handful of students really struggle with the transition back to school, we continue to work hard to support all students with whatever they need to be successful. 



Future dates to keep in mind:


  • Food Pantry reopens at a new location. Enter and choose the items you want. Open every Monday, 4:00-5:30. The new location is in front of the school by the Basinski Center next to the football field. 
  • 9/29 - Family Night - Postponed - New date will be communicated
  • 10/1 - Senior Sunrise 6:00am @ Thacher Park - only for students/transportation is not available   
  • 10/8 No School
  • 10/11 Activity Busses begin (4:30 pick up at FGHS)
  • 10/15 No School 
  • 10/16 PSAT test
  • 10/21 Picture retakes in the H.S. auditorium - to order visit Code:EVT9X7N82
  • 11/3 - 11/4 Evening Conferences (Virtual)
  • 11/5 No School ( 9-12 grades only)

Additional Resources: 


For the most up to date information visit our website: or follow our social media page on Facebook and Instagram

Student/Family Canvas Support:

Canvas Training Videos will be sent out to students and families on / around September 11th. 

Canvas video links for students/observers/teachers:


Parent Observer in Canvas Directions


Who do I contact if I (as a parent) need help logging into Canvas?

Who do I contact if my child is needing help logging into Canvas or Zoom?



(503)359-2529 - call this number and leave a message, district tech will return call/fix issue - students can use this email to receive tech help and support


To view frequently asked questions and resources on Canvas visit Canvas Help for Students and Families


For device requests and student passwords - please contact Mrs. Maderos at 

ParentVue passwords - please contact Ms. Perez

To access Canvas students must go to FGSD website - Click on Students 



Next, Click on Canvas to get to courses 


Will there by any day the students can get help if they start to fall behind? Wednesdays will be Independent and Small Group Academic Support. Teachers will have office hours throughout the day for assistance/support/questions. 

How to access wifi and your FGSD Google Account

Zoom Video Playlist

How Students Access Canvas - Students will not be able to see their actual courses until the beginning of the term (Monday).

Canvas Parent App - Join codes will be sent to you within the first 2 weeks of school

Student & Parent Canvas Help


Google Translate Extension

How to Take a Photo with a Chromebook (English and Spanish)

How to Use Your Phone as Doc Camera

How to Use Your Phone as a PDF Scanner

FGSD families can contact the following phone number or email address for technical support involving the district device or student account:

Office & Building Access

Offices (Main,Athletic,Counseling) are open Monday-Friday 7:30-4:00pm 

Staff is available by phone - questions? Call the specific office

Main Office: 503-359-2432

Athletic Office: 503-359-2437

Counseling Office: 503-359-2435

Attendance: 503-359-2439

CALC: 503-359-2413

If you need to come to the building:

*Call ahead *Limit the number of ppl *Maintain social distance