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Welcome to CALC!

Welcome to CALC!

Attending the Community Alternative Learning Center is a unique chance for students to join a positive community, redirect their education, and prepare for their futures. CALC staff and students work together to build a community founded on equity that honors learning and the growth of the whole person. We are committed to working with students to help them become confident and capable problem solvers. We value diversity, creativity, flexibility, empathy, resilience and positive, healthy relationships. We believe these are all essential for students to develop their academic, leadership and social skills.

We want to help you take control of your own life and to gain key skills you will need to be successful both in and out of school. We are implementing a new program this year called the Discovery Program. All students at CALC will participate in this program which is worth 1.0 applied arts/elective credit upon completion, and includes the opportunity to earn P.E. hours. We will spend six weeks in small groups to learn about and practice Effective Groups, Anger Management, Communication Skills, Assertiveness Training, Problem Solving, and Conflict Resolution. We will then work together as a community to use these skills every day. We believe this investment of your time and energy will help you experience success and achieve your goals.

We offer a combination of small group instruction, whole group instruction and independent study time with individualized attention. Students will have some computer based work which is available online twenty four hours a day, and they will also have the opportunity to move at their own pace. If a student is interested, we will work with them to find an internship that will earn them academic credit as well as valuable job skills. We run our own CLC after school program with tutoring and some unique activities. We also offer electives such as Photography, Creative Writing, Outdoor Science, and Knitting; partnerships with Pacific University, Clean Water Services/Fernhill Wetlands, Eden Acres, and the OSU Extension Program; and we connect our students with volunteers and mentors from the community.

Seventy-five percent of the jobs in our current economy require education beyond a high school diploma, which could include technical training, certificates, 2 year degrees and 4 year degrees. To help our students prepare for those jobs, we have speakers from various colleges and businesses come to CALC in order to help students see the possibilities beyond high school. We also coordinate college visits to PCC, PSU, Western Oregon, Oregon State University and The University of Oregon. We provide support for filling out the FAFSA, connecting with Job Corps, applying to school or jobs, preparing for interviews etc. We want our students to experience success here at CALC, and to then take that success out into the world of higher education and/or the workforce.

We take learning seriously here at CALC, and we look forward to working with you and your family to support you as you prepare for your future in high school and beyond.

Tim Graham, Principal
503-359-2413 ext 8517
Community Alternative Learning Center
What is CALC?
CALC is part of Forest Grove High School with students working towards a regular diploma. They are earning credits for both core and elective classes, working from both online and print materials. Learning is self-paced, as students complete online assignments and tests towards individual credits. The daily schedule, including holidays and grading days, is exactly the same as Forest Grove High School. The ultimate goal is for students to return to the high school to successfully complete graduation requirements.

Students typically are referred to CALC for issues related to attendance, academics and/or behavior at the high school. In addition, some students move into the district far enough into a term as to make successfully finishing classes unlikely. Generally, there is a wait-list for students to enroll as of early September.

How do I enroll?
Generally students are referred to CALC through their grade-level administrators. Any other interested students first meet with their grade-level counselor to talk about appropriate placement options. Once the counselor approves, the student/parents meet with the grade-level administrator at the high school to be recommended. Students may only attend CALC if placed by their assistant principal. Once this process has been followed, the student attends an orientation with the parent at CALC, typically held after school hours on Thursdays. You also will be required to fill out an intake packet. You may download one here.

CALC Schedule
The school day begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 3:00 p.m. CALC follows the same calendar as Forest Grove High School. Busing is available to transport students to and from the Taylor Way site on bus #15 at 8:15am. Breakfast is available until 8:45 a.m. each morning. A hot and cold lunch is served daily for those who wish to purchase the noon meal rather than pack a lunch.

Where is CALC located?
CALC is located at 2701 Taylor Way, Suite #5 in Forest Grove, just down from the National Guard Armory.
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Who to Contact:

Principal: Tim Graham (503)359-2413 Ext.8517
[email protected]

Secretary/Registrar: Jenny Acosta (503)359-2413 Ext. 8501

Office Hours: 7:30am - 3:30pm
Start/Dismiss Times: 8:30am - 3:00pm

Address: 2701 Taylor Way
Forest Grove, OR

Driving Directions:
From Highway 47, turn west on Fern Hill Road. Go across the railroad tracks and turn right on Taylor Way. Taylor Way deadends at the CALC building, about one-quarter mile from the turnoff.